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How it works

Did you know over 90% of websites never get updated after they are created and published on the web? It's true, most websites once published never get touched or update because most consumers do not have the knowledge and ability to update their websites on their own. In fact, some companies will expect you to pay thousands of dollars upfront for creation and then charge you every time you want to update your website.

At Peerless Web Design, we take a different approach to website creation and hosting. 

We never ask for thousands of dollars upfront, instead we want to work with you as a long term client. Our process works in 4 phases; Collection, Creation, Critique and Care.


Phase 1 - collection:

Collection: At this phase, we work together to determine your needs as a client, asking you some very basic questions like:

  • What does your business need?

  • How can we help you grow?

  • What do you want your website to look like? 

  • What content do you need on your website?

  • What services do you need for your business and customers?

Once these questions have been answered, we will work together to decide what plan/services work best for you. Before moving onto the next phase, first month's payment will be collected, after payment you may submit content for the creation phase.

Phase 2 - Creation:

Creation: At this phase, Peerless Web Design starts to create your website based on the information collected in the collection phase. We will build your website from the ground up and add the content and services you requested to your website, using the color schemes and designs you picked. Along the way, we will give you updates and ask for feedback on what has been designed at this phase.

Phase 3 - Critique:

Critique: This phase is the revision phase of the project, you will review the created website, and give us feedback and request changes. This phase is critical in making sure you are satisfied with the project and that it meets the needs of your business. Major/minor design changes typically take place in this phase.

Phase 4 - Care:

Care: The care phase is the where you the client and Peerless Web Design work together to maintain the website, any updates or minor changes to the site that need to be completed will be done in this phase. Each plan includes technical support/updates monthly (not to exceed limits set in plan) at no additional cost to you. If major changes are required that exceed the allotted technical support/update maximum amount of time, additional time may be purchased at an additional cost.

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