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My journey into web design started in the late 90s, while in High School I enrolled in several multimedia, web design courses. Later in college I expanded my knowledge by learning more about the design aspects and flow of websites, the knowledge I gained from this education carried over into present day. Though the fundamentals of building a website are much easier now than in the 90s, the designs and updates still create a challenge for most users.





In 2019, I embarked on a journey to build a website for a local Union that had not updated their website in well over 10 years. Most of the links on the website were no longer active, and the information was out of date. In addition to these issues, the website did not have a mobile version which meant it could not be viewed from a tablet or smartphone.


While rebuilding the website from the ground up, I was able to give my clients the ability to have their information viewed across multiple devices, not just desk top computers. In addition to these improvements, the clients were able to easily update their website, send out marketing emails and share blog posts from their site to social media.


Having the flexibility of modern technology at minimal cost in 2022 is a must for any business. At Peerless Web Design, we can help you improve your website and ability to communicate with your clientele. Click the services tab to learn more about the services we offer.


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